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We have lift off!!

What a week this week has been. A week of so many emotions – excitement, humility, patience, joy, gratitude, anxiety, worry, pride but above everything else LOVE! Love, love, love, so much bloody love floating around me at the moment.


I know I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, but I couldn’t be more grateful and humbled for all of my ‘people’ who have supported me through this journey and especially during this week. Old friends, new friends, family and loved ones I honestly can’t put into words how to express how overwhelmingly supported I’ve felt. The only words that really matter are thank you, they don’t seem big enough, but they are all I have.


To give a run down – after 7 months of intense Yoga Teacher Training with Yogahaven I qualified on Sunday. A full-on weekend away in London of training and learning as well as a nail biting written exam and practical class where we were asked to teach our class of 20. To say we were all nervous was an understatement, but the atmosphere was incredibly supportive and we all smashed it in our own unique and beautiful ways.


The feedback I received from the senior teacher was amazing – saying that I will bring a smile to everyone’s faces, I bring the joy and she’d feel very safe in my class. This is exactly what I’m trying to achieve with my teachings so I can’t wait to bring this to everyone else.


After graduating and getting the long coveted certificate I spent the rest of the week juggling my full time job and finishing off the website I’ve been building in the background.


Proof reading, formatting, mobile optimising, integrating my booking system and setting up all the SEO has been intense, but I got there in the end – with a lot of help from Google Search and WIX support HAHA! I’m incredibly proud of the site I’ve produced and hope everyone enjoys exploring it too.


Now it’s all about spreading the word…launching is one thing, but driving momentum is another and if I want to build a sustainable business for myself and continue to spread the joy of Yoga then really the work has only just begun.


Let’s enjoy this ride guys because it’s going to be so much fun!!


FYI – this is one of my affirmations, I have a tendency to take my work too seriously so I’m reminding myself constantly that it’s supposed to be fun!  


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