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I know sometimes it's a bit scary joining a new Yoga class or moving to a new teacher. Here I've collated a number of FAQ's that everyone asks before joining a class- trust me!


If you have any other questions please feel free to contact me.  


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I've never done Yoga before, what are the benefits? 

Yoga has many incredible benefits for the mind & body including but not limited too*: 

  • Increased resilience 

  • Better sleep 

  • Better life perspective 

  • Increased joy 

  • Increased self-awareness and connection to self 

  • Increased mobility 

  • Increased strength in the body

  • Increased fitness 


I've never done Yoga before, I'm afraid I'll look silly because I can't do the postures? 

Your Yoga practice is completely personal to you and therefore there is no 'right' or 'wrong' way of doing the posture, just the safe way. Throughout class I will be there to guide you through the postures and provide options that suit your unique and beautiful bodies. Judgement and comparison are not welcome in my classes, instead we are there to champion each other and most importantly ourselves. 


Yoga isn't for me because I'm not flexible. 

This is a common misconception that you need to be flexible already to practice Yoga. This is untrue. No matter your body shape, type or ability you can practice Yoga. Options and the use of props throughout class enable us to move through the practice with all the support we need to help us feel nourished and grounded. A very positive side effect of regular Yoga practice will be increased mobility and flexibility. YAY! 


What do I wear to a Yoga class? 

Anything you feel comfortable in and can freely move in. I would recommend leggings or tracksuits, not jeans. Layers are also good as it can often get hot. Equally fluffy socks and a blanket are always welcome for Savasana. 


How long do I need to practice Yoga to feel the benefits? 

Yoga is a lifelong practice and I would encourage regular classes to truly feel the benefits of a Yoga lifestyle. However, if you want a whistle stop introduction to the practice a minimum of 6 weeks will start to help you explore the benefits. 


I'm a beginner, will your classes be suitable? 

All my classes are suitable for beginners. I offer options across all postures throughout the class as well as encourage the use of props to support & explore the practice. I love a prop!! If you are a bit worried, please feel free to reach out to me before class or maybe schedule in a 1:1 Coaching session first. These can be a great way to get a taste of Yoga before branching into group classes. 


I don't have space at home for the Zoom classes. 

You don't need a studio size space to practice Yoga, just enough space for you to move around freely and safely without knocking anything or anyone over! Whether you practice in your living room, garden or bedroom I don't mind. All that matters is you take the time to show up for yourself. 


Do I need my own Yoga mat?

I would encourage you to bring your own Yoga mat to class, as a lot of people prefer to use their own. I do have a few mats that I clean after each class if required, but please message me before class if you need one. If you want to buy a mat I can facilitate this or recommend some brands for you to consider. 

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*benefits are not guaranteed and subjective to the individual

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What our Friends say...

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Yoga teachers and tash from flowing flamingo yoga
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"I have been working with Tash from Flowing Flamingo weekly for the last few months and have found the classes to be supportive, varied and well explained.  I love the language used during the sessions it makes you feel as if you are able to do what your body wants and there is no competition with others.  The meditation session at the end is very restorative and sets me up for the day ahead, looking forward to doing 2 classes a week from now on"

Sue, Zoom classes 

"Tash has a unique ability to connect with everyone on a personal level and is a truly exceptional instructor. Her clear instructions, coupled with a genuine concern for the well-being of each individual, creates a safe space for exploration and growth. Tash has a gift for recognising individual needs and adapting the practice accordingly, ensuring that each participant feels empowered.

I particularly appreciate Tash's commitment to promoting mindfulness and self-awareness throughout the practice. Her emphasis on the mind-body connection has profoundly enhanced my yoga experience, leading to a deeper understanding of both the physical and spiritual aspects of the practice."

Josie, Zoom classes 

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