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Want to be in the club…staying connected

One of the first bits of advice that a number of my Yoga teacher trainers gave to me was ‘Stay connected to your own practice’.


Honestly, I didn’t really understand what that meant at the time. During teacher training you are learning and practicing all the time. Inundated with new information around everything from Sanskrit names of postures, to the meaning of the universe according to ancient Yogic texts. You are exposed to some of the best teachers and taken frequently through self-exploration class practice and encouraged to study and explore other teachers classes as a part of the learning process. We had weekly accountability group meet ups with other Yoga trainees and I’ve created some lifelong friends through the process. BUT with all this you are always thinking about Yoga, studying Yoga, talking about yoga, teaching yoga and practicing yoga.


Then it all stops.


You graduate – whoop! – but it stops. The learning, the mentoring, the weekly catch ups with your other trainee yogis…all of it stops.


You begin to focus on teaching others and honing these skills, but with this sole focus; everything else quickly falls to the sidelines.


And now I know what my teachers meant by ‘Stay connected to your own practice’. Within only a period of a few weeks I’ve started to feel disconnected not only from my own practice as I prioritise other peoples, but also to Yoga itself. I’ve stopped reading the books, stopped listening to the podcasts and stopped talking to my Yogi friends regularly. Not through doing anything  intentionally, but you know ….life!!


So I’m going to become intentional again. I’m somebody who likes a little bit of accountability …. So I’m going to set up a club. Maybe it’s a bookclub of sorts …I’m still working through my idea, but it will be a monthly moment where myself and fellow interested Yogis can get together on Zoom and discuss a part of Yoga philosophy. Whether that’s the chakra system or the Gunas. It’s a space for us to keep learning and keep sharing as well as a space to continue to connect with each other and build those bonds. As connection in this world is so critical to bringing us joy and peace.


I’m also going to be intentional within my physical practice. I will find a local teacher who I can frequently attend classes just simply for the joy and inspiration of the practice. I already have some teachers in mind so I’ll be trying a few and seeing what works with my newly evolving schedule haha.


So if you’d be interested in joining my Yogi club… need to think of a name here… then comment below and I’ll send over an invite when I’ve figured out how it will work.


Love, Tash xx

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