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Tash Talks: From Barbie Girl to Yoga Girl

Updated: Apr 25

July last year- this was me!!

Some of you might look at this and think - OH MY GOD- what an amazing job, do you work on Barbie? Did you get to work on the movie? Did you meet Margot & Ryan??

The answers to some of these questions are yes and some no! I have worked on Barbie for the last 4 years (at Mattel for 6 years) and last year I had the true privilege to manage the brand through the movie working as the Brand Lead. I did 'see' Margot & Ryan in real life, but wasn't quite lucky enough to speak to them personally!

Barbie is a phenomenal brand and the movie was an incredible cultural experience that I am humbled to be a part off, BUT like any big corporate job, it comes with it's fair share of stress, anxiety, pressure, expectation and sometimes even burn out.

Despite my 'game face' in this photo, I was exhausted...I needed a break.

My break came through YOGA. I have always loved Yoga and have practiced on and off for the last 15 years. Originally I loved it just for the physical benefits to my body as well as the clear benefits I got from lying in Savasana at the end of the class.

I started to integrate Yoga and wellness practices into my everyday life - practices I've learnt through years of attending retreats, listening to podcasts, reading books, attending a few stints of therapy and of course going to Yoga classes (in person and on ZOOM). These practices all helped me immensely by providing the tools to manage the day to day pressure of managing a brand like Barbie. From journalling, to video diaries, to earthing, to 15 min Yoga in the car (yes it can be done)- these tools helped me through that incredibly busy period and helped me discover my own healthy, happy me along the way.

I'm on a constant journey to learn what my healthy, happy me looks like and I'm excited to help you discover yours too.

This is just the intro to my blog, but I'd love to use this space to talk more about my journey as well as share tips and tricks that you can use to help you thrive in daily life too.


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