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June Theme – Nourishing our Minds & Bodies

This month as we come into the Summer season we are going to be thinking all about the different things that nourish us- mind & body.

Nourishment to me is all about identifying and providing your body and mind with exactly what it needs to grow, function and feel happy. Whether that's the food we put into our bodies, the movement we choose to do or the activities we partake in. 

Step 1 is really about helping us to identify what those things are that nourish us. 

Through class this month are asking ourselves some questions around nourishment. Asking ourselves what nourishes us; is it a bath after work, a walk in nature or talking to a loved one. Whilst we partake in the nourishing movement of Yoga and the mindfulness practice of that movement we can reflect to ourselves on what our bodies and minds need to feel healthy and happy. 

Something that always helps me feel nourished is my food. Eating healthy BUT tasty food always helps me feel happy so I wanted to share a really quick recipe I use for a healthy sweet treat. Feel free to substitute in any alternative ingredients that you feel nourish your body specifically. 

Dark Chocolate Yogurt Bowl


  • 2 tbsps Coconut Yogurt 

  • A handful of chopped strawberries - I like to leave them out of the fridge first so they are warm 

  • A drizzle of Organic Honey or Maple Syrup 

  • Crushed up Dark Chocolate (we use RAW) 

Pop everything into a bowl and boom - a delicious & easy nourishing sweet treat. 

Have a think about what nourishes you and let me know in the comments?


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