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Terms & Conditions

Customer Waiver for Online and in person Training and Yoga Classes


I, YOU, hereby acknowledge and agree to the terms and conditions outlined in this waiver in consideration of my participation in online and in person training sessions and yoga classes provided by FLOWING FLAMINGO.


1. **Assumption of Risk:**

   I am aware that participating in online or in person training sessions and yoga classes involves physical activity and carries inherent risks. I acknowledge that I am voluntarily participating in these activities, and I assume full responsibility for any risks, injuries, or damages that may occur.


2. **Physical Health and Ability:**

   I certify that I am in good physical condition and have the necessary physical fitness level to participate in online or in person training sessions and yoga classes. If I have any pre-existing medical conditions or concerns, I have consulted with a healthcare professional and obtained clearance to participate in these activities. It is my responsibility to inform the teacher with any medical information, injuries or pregnancies BEFORE the class starts. 


3. **IN PERSON CLASSES ONLY: Hands on assists**

- I understand that hands on adjustments may take place during the sessions. It is my responsibility to inform the teacher if I prefer not to be assisted. The teacher will provide moments of safety to offer this information. 


4. **ONLINE CLASSES ONLY: Virtual Environment Awareness:**

   I understand that online training sessions and yoga classes will be conducted in a virtual environment. I am responsible for ensuring that I have the necessary equipment, a stable internet connection, and a suitable space to participate safely in these sessions. The area must be: a flat surface, clear of any obstacles and spacious enough for the type of activity


5. **ONLINE CLASSES ONLY: Technical Issues:**

   I acknowledge that technical issues may arise during online sessions for the teacher and myself, including but not limited to internet disruptions, audio or video malfunctions, or other technology-related challenges. I agree to be patient and understand that the organizers are not responsible for technical difficulties beyond their control.


6. **ONLINE CLASSES ONLY: Recording and Privacy:**

   I understand that online training sessions and yoga classes may be recorded for quality assurance, training, or promotional purposes. I consent to being recorded and acknowledge that my image or voice may be captured during these sessions. 


7. **Cancellation policy**

-FLOWING FLAMINGO understands that life can get in the way in which case if classes need to be cancelled then a class transfer to an alternative time & date will be offered 

-I understand that if I cancel any classes I can give 12 hours notice and still receive a transfer to a different class time. 

-If I cancel within 12 hours then I will be charged fully for the class and no transfer option available 

-Unfortunately no refunds can be facilitated 

- I understand I can cancel class reservations through the online booking system or contacting FLOWING FLAMINGO directly 

- If I book onto a session within 12 hours of its scheduled start time, there is no entitlement to cancel. 

-There may be times the teacher may need to cancel the class last minute due to life circumstances - if this cancellation falls within 12 hours on the class start time then the I will be eligible for a class transfer


FLOWING FLAMINGO is a small business and every cancellation impacts me financially, so I ask that cancellations are made with adequate time so that adjustments can be made. 


8. **Class times**

- Class schedules will be released 4 weeks in advance.

- I understand FLOWING FLAMINGO has the right to change class times 

- I understand that the teacher may need to change class times due to life circumstances and reasonable notice will be given - if this change impacts a class I have already booked I will be offered a class transfer


9. **Release of Liability:**

   I, my heirs or legal representatives release and discharge FLOWING FLAMINGO, its instructors, employees, and representatives from any and all legal claims, liabilities, or demands arising out of my participation in online or in person training sessions and yoga classes, including any injuries or damages that may result.


10. **Code of Conduct:**

   I agree to conduct myself in a respectful and appropriate manner during online or in person sessions. I will follow the instructions provided by the instructors and maintain a positive and supportive virtual or physical environment. I understand that I will be asked to leave without refund if my behaviour is deemed inappropriate, disrespectful, or harmful to others.


11. **Communication:**

   I consent to receiving communication from FLOWING FLAMINGO related to schedule changes, updates, or promotional information.


12. **Intellectual Property:**

All content provided, including but not limited to videos, documents, and materials, are the intellectual property of FLOWING FLAMINGO. I agree not to distribute, reproduce, or share any of the content without prior written consent.


I have read this waiver and fully understand its terms. I voluntarily agree to its content, and I am aware that I may seek legal advice before signing. By participating in online/in person training sessions and yoga classes, I acknowledge and accept the terms outlined in this waiver.

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