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A Healthy, Happy You

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Welcome to Flowing Flamingo 

Yoga classes where you can discover your healthy, happy YOU!

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, it's easy to forget the importance of prioritizing YOU. That's where Flowing Flamingo come's in.

Ready to make yourself a priority? Join me on the mat and let the journey to a healthy, happy you begin!

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You Deserve This! 

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I understand the challenges of busy lives, so Flowing Flamingo classes are designed for

people who want to prioritise and connect with a healthy, happy version of themselves. Through a blend of movement, breath work, and mindfulness, I offer energising, calming, and fun Yoga classes.

Either online or in person, classes are designed for the time of day; helping us build energy or relaxing & releasing tension- there is something for you to enjoy. 

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Rise & Shine

A morning pick me up! Gentle flow as we build energy, readying us for the day ahead.


Flamingo Flow

A higher energy class, focussing on balancing energy and connecting to the mind & body.



Wind down in peace. A gentle flow that will help release energy from the day and relax you for a restful nights sleep.

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Let's Create Time Together

Tash teaching students in a yoga class

How are you feeling today? 

This is a question we get asked often and most of us will politely answer 'fine thanks', knowing that might not always be true. I know from experience that with our busy lives, often we can feel tired, overwhelmed, anxious and a little disconnected from who we really are. 


At Flowing Flamingo, through Yoga & Wellness my mission is to empower you to discover your own healthy & happy life, whatever that may be for you. 

So join me, and let's build a healthy, happy you together  


Flamingo Friend Reviews

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Tash has re-introduced me to yoga, enabling it to become a central piece of my wellbeing routine. 

Tash's passion for yoga is truly infectious, creating a warm and welcoming environment in every class. 



I love the language used during the sessions it makes you feel as if you are able to do what your body wants and there is no competition with others.


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